Al-Raidah Digital City

The General Retirement Corporation (Al-Raidah Investment Company) established its eponymous digital city to develop the telecommunications and technology sectors. The company continues to adhere to Modon's regulations and criteria that ensure technology zones meet the latest specifications and highest international standards. To implement the project, license number 1/Kh T was obtained on 1/7/1427 AH (July 27, 2006). 

Location Al-Raidah Digital City occupies a strategic position by the main roads of Riyadh, covering a footprint of more than 800,000 m2
Launch Date 1430/2009
Area (m2) 800000
Project Goals

The project aims to cultivate a dynamic environment that can attract and retain talents and create a self-contained society that is vibrant and innovative. The city has been developed to cater to the needs of technology companies and create a major hub for IT activity

Project Items

The city focuses on three sectors - information technology, communications and research and development. The complex features an innovation and creativity center consisting of several areas as follows:
  • technical corridors
  • knowledge village
  • residential buildings and villas
  • date palm corridor
  • recreation areas and parks

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 Last modified 24 May 2019
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