Riyadh Technology Valley

The Riyadh Valley Company was established as King Saud University’s investment arm that aims to contribute towards economic growth by developing local technology and localizing job opportunities available in technical and knowledge-based fields. Its Riyadh Technology Valley complex serves as a center that encourages scientific research and investment in creativity and innovation. The project seeks to employ national talents in various technology, service, knowledge and other related vital industries with the aim of achieving sustainable development and contributing to the development of a modern knowledge economy.

Location The complex is located at King Saud University’s grounds in Riyadh, spanning a total area of 1.67 million m2. To implement the project, Riyadh Valley Company obtained development license no. (2/Kh T) in 30/6/1430 AH (June 24, 2009)
Launch Date 1430/2009
Area (m2) 1670000
Project Goals

The project aims to:
  • be a global knowledge and research center that encourages and fosters creativity and utilizes its output to localize technology and innovation;
  • achieve sustainable development by supporting the national knowledge economy;
  • activate and strengthen cooperation between the university and research centers;
  • create an optimal environment to attract investors from knowledge and technology-based fields; and
  • recruit and develop creative talents.

Project Items

  • Central area: The heart of the complex that features business incubators and services as well as the support office.
  • University area: Home to a unit that is responsible for business and research services, intellectual property, laboratories serving the local market and an entrepreneurs center.
  • Research and development area: Features research institutes affiliated to public and private entities as well as specialist centers.
  • Technology companies zone: An area for meetings between companies that play a central role in Riyadh Technology Valley's activities.
  • The Scientific Village: A residential and entertainment area that contributes to the high quality of life complex employees enjoy and welcomes visitors inside and outside of Riyadh.

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 Last modified 24 May 2019
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