Jeddah 3rd. Industrial City

Main Information

Date of Creation



East of the Coast Road that lies south of Jeddah near the Red Sea, 30 km away from Jeddah First Industrial City

Total Area


Developed Area

24 million square meters.

Factories Count

539 industrial and service contracts (including those in operation and those under implementation)

Distance to the nearest airport

77 km to King Abdul Aziz International Airport.

Distance to the nearest railway station

45 km to Jeddah Haramain High-Speed Railway Station

Distance to the nearest port

62 km to Jeddah Islamic Seaport.

Featured Services

  • Hala Supply Chain Services Co
  • KGL Logistics Company​

Water and Electricity Power

Electricity Capacity of drinking water
(MVA) 1,000 10,000m3

Current and Targeted Industries

Industrial activity

No. of Factories

Service contracts
Other manufacturing industries29
Food products71
Machinery and equipment not elsewhere classified21
Computers, electronic and optical products1

Wood and products of wood and cork (except furniture)

Articles of straw and plaiting materials

Basic metals11
Motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers4
Electrical equipment16
Chemicals and chemical products58
Paper and paper products27
Coke and refined petroleum products10
Other transport equipment1
Rubber and plastic products87
Other non-metallic mineral products26
Fabricated metal products (except machinery and equipment)85
Building materials, ceramics and glass3
Paper, printing and publishing products3

New Industrial Projects

Project Name Completion Project Status
2019 2020
Development of the first and second parts of the extension of the industrial city Includes construction of networks (roads - drinking water - rain drainage - sewage - irrigation - communications - electricity networks - street lighting) 92% 100% Complete

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