Sudair City for Industry and Businesses

Main Information

Date of Creation



150 km from Riyadh, on the western extension of Riyadh-Al-Qassim Road.

Total Area


Developed Area


Factories Count

293 factories including producing, existing and under construction factories.

Distance to the nearest airport

140 km to King Khalid International Airport.

Distance to the nearest railway station

60 km to Al-Mujama’ah railway station.

Distance to the nearest port

160 km to Riyadh Dry Port.

Featured Services

  • Branch of Sudair Chamber of Commerce
  • Al-Himmah Residential Complex with 1295 rooms and capacity of 6000 workers


Water and Electricity Power

Electricity Capacity of drinking water Sewage treatment plants
(MVA) 254 6000m3 10,000m3 Design, execution and operation of the sewage disposal plant

Current and Targeted Industries

  • Refined petroleum products
  • Chemical materials and products
  • Other manufacturing industries
  • Medical Industries
  • Wood and Furniture Industry
  • Electricity and electrical appliances industry
  • Nonferrous metals and building materials industry
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Metal industry
  • Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
  • Equipment and machinery
  • Paper and its products

New Industrial Projects

Project Name Completion Project Status
2018 2019
Design, execution and operation of the sewage disposal plant 98 % 100 % Complete
Construction of 20 operating factories with 1500m2 area each 22 % 100 % Complete


 Last modified 24 May 2019
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