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 Technical Specifications of a Ready Factory Model 700 m²



Ready Factories Models in Jeddah 2nd. Industrial City

Year of ConstructionAreaDimensions
2016 700 m²​
18.85x23.87 m



Technical Specifications of Ready Factories​

Model 700​ m²
  • Total land area of the factory = 696.93  m
  • Total area of the ready factory = 450 m²
  • Production hall area = 386.67 m²
  • Office and services area = 63.33 m²
  • Parking and service space = 246.93 m²



Flooring Area

Production hall386.67 m²

Administration offices upper level
(Mezzanine with production hall view)
Not available
Ground floor toilets17.92 m²
 Upper floor toilets​Not available
Ground floor & Mezzanine stair cases​Not available
Area surrounding the factory including car parking246.93 m²



Flooring Load Capacities

Production hall​30 KN/m²

Upper level for management offices 
(Mezzanine with production hall view)
Not available
Tonnage cliffs30 KN/m²


Height between floors

Ground floor5.60 -6.74 م
Administrative offices in MezzanineNot available


 Engineering Specifications

 External parkingNumber of parking ranges (3) for employees and visitors
Sidewalks Concrete slabs including basins for gardening
 External interfaces   Broken marble plaster of dark gray color for the bottom part and light gray for the upper part
   Glass surfacesStructural aluminum and double gray reflector glass 6-12-6 mm
 External doorsAluminum light gray and double gray reflector glass 6-12-6 mm
 Interior doors Aluminum light gray
    Interior walls Acrylic white color paint 
  اInternal roof of officesPerforated metal tiles of size 60x60 cm
  Production hall roof
Slabs of double-insulated sheet of thickness 70 mm, with natural lighting for the production hall and electrical lighting foundation.
Production hall of each factory is free of any column
   BathroomsTwo (2) bathrooms for workers and two (2) bathrooms for offices, with finishing of dark off white 15 × 15 cm ceramic for floor, light off white for the walls and 60x60 cm moister-proof ceiling panels for roof.
   Factory floor Reinforced concrete capable of bearing up to 2.5 tons/m²
 Office height 2.60 m up to the false ceiling level
   Factory height 5.6 - 6.74 m – up to the bottom of the steel structure
 Water tank Water tank for water and fire extinguishing system is available in each factory
Fire-fighting  A fire control system as well as air conditioning units have been established
Electric powerElectric power capacity of 150 amp for 450 m² unit for each factory.



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