Service Name

Qualifying the Contractor

Service Description

​The service enables the submission of a qualification application for the construction and development of factories within the industrial citiesو, once approved, can provide services to MODON partners.

Qualifying the Contractor
Qualifying the Contractor


​​Engineering and consulting offices


Required Documents

    • Engineering & Consultancy Offices Entity file containing general information about the office such as owner, managers, contact information, and office history
    •  Details of previous projects completed during the past three years, including contact numbers for entities involved
    •  License to practice the profession
    •  Commercial Register
    •  Certificates of Zakat and Income
    •  Social Insurance Certificate
    •  Saudization Certificate​
    •  Participation of the Chamber of Commerce
    •  Investment License (if applicant is licensed in accordance with the Foreign Investment Law)
    •  License to practice activity from the Engineers Authority
    •  License from the General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection (if applicable)


Service Procedure

​1. Application submission

2. Review of application​

3. Office visit for further evaluation (if required)

4. Office receives qualification​​


Service Delivery Channels

E-Services (Suppliers Portal)


Service Duration

5 Working Days

Terms & Conditions

    • ​  All documents submitted must be valid.
    •  Visiting the office to evaluate the qualification application if the need arises so.​



 Last modified 13 Oct 2020
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