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eModon Portal

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The eModon system was built in response to the National e-Transactions Plan, based on the Authority's vision to provide integrated services that meet the needs of investors and put the partners at the center of attention to achieve the principle of "partners first". As a result of this program, a number of initiatives and projects have been implemented. High impact in enhancing the communication process of the Authority with its partners, increasing performance, and responding to their requirements and needs.

 eModon Portal
eModon Portal

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Program Goals:

  • Saving the cost of dealing with the Authority for clients of investors and others.
  •   Improve procedural processes, raise efficiency and reduce wastage associated with.
  •   Achieve high levels of quality in outputs, information, reports, statistics and others.
  •  Achieving high levels of transparency by providing access to all information, reports, statistics and other matters of interest to the investors.
  •   Integration with other government agencies at the level of data and procedures as possible.

Services provided :

  •   Land Allocation Services: This includes the services of applications for allocation and follow-up, reviewing plans, and issuing building permits.
  •   Contract Services: This includes contract renewal, waiver, and account statements.
  •   Qualifying consultancy offices Service: This include all types of qualification applications, follow-up qualification, and evaluation of qualified consulting offices.
  •   MODON Maps: It include a package of services to search and query industrial cities in various ways, in addition to other maps services such as measurement and satellite images and others.
  •   Query and reporting services for industrial cities: It is a collection of research services to provide investors with the most information about the available industrial cities and industries, products, and others.
  •   Customer Affairs Services: This is a service that deals with customer's reports, suggestions and account management.
  •   Contractors Qualifying Services: The service aims to provide qualified contractors to serve industrial and investment projects for MODON clients .
 Last modified 12 Nov 2019
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