MODON has contracted with the Kingdom's leading banks in its industrial cities to provide all the requirements of the investment business, primarily banking services, in line with the increasing demand for financing facilities.


Industrial cities feature ATMs to enable the employees of MODON’s partners to conduct banking operations such as remittances, cash, deposits and other instant services.​

Money transfer Centre

The banking institutions contracted by MODON have set up their branches in the industrial cities to offer the employees of the Authority’s partners easy and convenient remittance services inside and outside the Kingdom.

​​"Modon"​ provides all the services required for investment work, foremost among which is banking services. It decided to open the banking field for banks to invest in its industrial cities in line with the growing demand and the wide financial movement by opening branches and providing automatic teller machines. As it was contracted with the banks:​​ National Bank, Al Rajhi Bank, Riyadh Bank, SABB Bank, and Alinma Bank.​
 Last modified 21 Oct 2020
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