Commercial complex

To meet the lifestyle needs of workers, entrepreneurs and residents, several commercial complexes were established in industrial cities. Construction of other complexes is underway in other cities to serve MODON partners and employees.

Restaurants complex

In line with its commitment to provide its partners with access to quality food and recreational facilities, MODON has signed several contracts to establish restaurants in a number of industrial cities, including local service restaurants, fast food restaurants, open buffet, and delivery to the workplace as well as homes.​

Office building

MODON offers multi-floor includes small, medium and large offices, in addition to meeting rooms designed according to the latest architectural designs to meet the expectations of its partners.​

Entertainment centre

The industrial cities are characterized by the presence of entertainment centers that allow the employees of Modon partners  practicing all kinds of individual or group activities, and improving their relationships with their surroundings, which will reflect positively on their productivity during working hours.​


 Last modified 21 Oct 2020
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