Factories commitment to the construction requirements in the guide  Standards and requirements for building factories guides , and support services in industrial cities issued by MODON.

  • Includes the construction units of the factory (production halls - warehouse for raw materials - warehouse for the production of materials - staff services - power supply - industrial security and safety services - internal roads - systemic rebounds - administrative buildings).
  • The production halls are of a height suitable for all tasks, and includes all the mechanical tasks of the production lines according to the quality of the industry.
  • The area of the raw material warehouse is limited to cover the plant's raw material needs for three months.
  • The warehouse area of the produced material is limited to cover the factory production storage for two months.
  • Includes staff services required for the factory (toilets – prayer room - first aid - dining hall - dressing room).
  • The administration building includes offices that serve the factory.
  • Power supply works include the medium and low voltage electricity room and the main cutter room.
  • Security and safety services for the factory t include spare fire tanks, fire extinguishing system for factory units and fire alarm.
  • Internal roads to facilitate movement between different factory units, and to link the entrances of factories with the main roads.
  • Systematic rebounds between the industrial building and the fence not exceeding (5 meters) and between adjacent buildings not less than 5 meters.
  • Requirements for submission, approval and issuance of licenses.     


 Last modified 03 Dec 2019
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