Mr. Bader bin Khuzam Al Mahri

Board Member


Career History

Badr bin Khuzam Al-Mahri is currently serving as an Advisor to the Ministry of Economy and Planning for Sectoral and Regional Development Affairs. He assumed several positions since his graduation in 1993 when he started his career as a researcher and planning specialist, then a supervisor of the energy sector in 2012. He became the head of the energy sector in 2015, then the head of the energy, industry and mineral wealth sector in 2016, and then reached his current position in 2018.



Mr. Al-Mahri has extensive experience in his field of expertise and has made countless contributions to the preparation and drafting of plans and strategies for the energy, industrial and mineral sectors, as well as studies supporting development plans for these sectors. He also represented the Ministry on many specialized committees nationally and abroad. He also participated in several local and international workshops, seminars and conferences.



Al-Mahri earned a Bachelor’s degree in Science in 1993 and a Master’s degree in Geology in 2009 from King Saud University.



 Last modified 05 Jan 2020
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