To cultivate an intelligent industrial and technological environment that effectively enables industry and contributes to the national economy’s development.


To develop and manage industrial cities and technology zones that enable sustainable growth in an optimal economic environment.


Enablementing: Enabling our private sector partners to contribute to the diversification of national income for a prosperous economy.

Provision: Our ongoing endeavor is to support economic growth through the provision of the transfer and localization of technology.

Commitment: We are committed to creating a model investment environment that meets the ambitions of our partners and promotes industry development plans in the Kingdom

Initiative: We initiate and develop the best products and services for the industrial community.

Quality Policy

Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones (MODON) regularly provides services that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of its customers and continues to actively improve the quality of services through programs that enable employees to perform their tasks effectively.



Since its establishment in 2001, the Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones (MODON) has been undertaking the development of industrial lands with fully integrated services and to the highest international standards. Today, it oversees 35 existing and under development industrial cities in various regions of the Kingdom, in addition to supervising private industrial cities. Currently, MODON's developed industrial lands exceed 198.8 million square meters. The existing industrial cities host 3,600 operational factories, fulfill 6,301 industrial, service and logistic contracts, and employ more than 500,000 employees.

MODON has adopted a specific organizational structure to fully benefit from the advantages of the partnership between the public and private sectors and ensure the effectiveness of the industrial land offering. This is achieved through a transparent working environment that fairly distributes the roles between MODON and the private sector. This requires differentiation between the planning, supervision and control functions undertaken by MODON and the financing, construction and operation tasks that are usually competitively handled by the private sector.

MODON has succeeded in marketing the advantages and incentives of its industrial cities, thereby attracting leading international companies in the industrial sector and many international investments that add value to the Saudi economy. MODON has also made significant progress in nurturing local partnerships and attracting investments exceeding 367 billion riyals to date through 6,301 industrial, service and logistic contracts covering many industrial and investment activities.

MODON fosters an ideal investment climate that attracts quality investments to help build the national economy and achieve the aspirations of the Kingdom's leadership, with a special emphasis on promoting and developing the MODON Oasis and technology zones in various regions of the Kingdom. MODON also endeavors to promote value-adding industries such as gas, energy, mining and others. It also supports its industrial cities with all the necessary logistic services and works to connect them to various land and air transport networks and make sure they are selected cities and integrated resdential areas. 

MODON seeks to develop its industrial cities in a way that provides unique investment opportunities for all capital investors from around the globe, including small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurs and major local companies. It ensures the growth of the economy, the creation of employment opportunities and the development of human capital through the provision of facilities and incentives. MODON is also keen on attracting international companies to contribute towards Vision 2030’s goals to diversify the national economy and stimulate the localization of the Kingdom's industrial sector through offering a competitive environment that paves the way for increasing the quality standards and improving manpower.​

Among the most important industrial cities supervised by "MODON"

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