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 Modon Maps

As the care displayed by MODON to provide more and more information to investors, MODON has implemented the Geographical Information System (GIS), which contains all the maps and cadastral information of the industrial cities which has been provided through MODON Maps service.

Through this service you can easily visit any industrial city and identify the types of industries in these cities; know the existing factories, service facilities, logistic services and further information along with the supporting tools.

Service Features

      1. Know about geography of the city: No doubt that knowing the location of the city geographically and its proximity to the supply lines and other services is an important matter for the investor. Through this service you can know the limits of the city, its location, the nearest urban cities and other spatial information.
      2. Search for factories: Through this feature you can search about a certain factory and find out its accurate location; determine its coordinates and know about its condition and quality of industrial activity.
      3. Know about the key milestones in the city: There are important milestones in the industrial cities such as mosques, schools, ambulances and civil defense, etc. All of these milestones can be located through MODON maps.
      4. Know about the investments: You can know about the nature of investments in the industrial city whether these are industrial, commercial, residential or service investments.
      5. Tools of Measurement: You can calculate the lengths and distances in the industrial cities, as well as calculate the spaces and determine the coordinates directly on the map through tools of measurement that are simple and easy to use.
      6. Printing of Site map: A paper and pen will not be needed thereafter to draw a site map of your land or your factory. You can easily identify the site directly from the map and print the site map easily.
      7. Satellite images: The drawn map may not reflect precisely the ground reality compared to the satellite images that allow you to see the natural terrain of the industrial city which we have provided for you for more information.

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