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​​​Modon website was designed as an interactive tool to serve our customers without the need to visit our offices, as it is possible for our customers to submit their land requests and follow-up these requests online, with accuracy. It is also possible for consultancy offices to submit prequalification requests online; as well as for factory owners to update their data with ease through our website.

The site content is updated regularly on all aspects of industry news, Modon announcements and its projects. There is also the possibility to comment on press releases that are published and check the status of customer requests automatically, as the website is linked to the internal administrative communication system. It is also possible to send any suggestions or complaints through the website.

Electronic Services:

  • Inquire the status of customer requests automatically, as the website is linked to the internal administrative communication system available in MODON through Service Web.​
  • Featured electronic services which allow MODON customers to submit and follow-up on their land requests for industrial or residential lands without having to visit MODON offices.
  • Possibility for consultancy offices to submit prequalification requests online.
  • The website allows factories add information to a database of existing factories in MODON as the supervisor of the factory is able to update the information at any time.
  • Authenticated access and secure SSL certificate.
  • Periodically updating of the website related to industry in the Kingdom and industrial cities and ability to search the site for any information.
  • The website is updated by MODON announcements, upcoming projects, tenders and proposal request documents.
  • Investment opportunities within the industrial cities.
  • Career opportunities within MODON.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) and the characteristics of industry in the Kingdom.
  • E-Shop for payments by credit card.
  • Browse the website through PDA device and automatically transfer the visitor to a hand held device page.
  • Visitors participation and opinions through their comments on MODON news published on the website to create interactive website visitors.
  • Interact with visitors by e-mail and via mobile phones; and reply to enquiries within one working day.
  • Access to MODON Maps which provides knowledge of MODON supervised industrial cities, and the facility to search for current factories and vacant lands in the industries cities. The system helps industrialists to make the right decisions more effectively.
  • The website has been completely developed by MODON IT employees.
  • The website is bi-lingual, available in Arabic and English languages.

Website Team:

Recognizing the importance of integration in the works and efforts; and importance of the role undertaken by various departments to enrich the website with information, data and reports, Modon has established a permanent working group to manage the website represented by all the departments, which shall verify the accuracy of the information published and regularly update the website according to the mechanism of disciplined action.

Last Update 08 May 2017 03:44 AM